What You Need to Do Before Winter Arrives

You’ve all seen the Facebook posts and memes that say “Winter is Coming.” While these might be funny references to your favorite TV show, the message is nonetheless true. Winter will be here very shortly and there are things you need to do in your home before they become huge problems (and bills) for you […]

Should You Use a Toilet Seat Cover?

When you use a public restroom, do you use the toilet seat covers that are oftentimes provided within the stall? Some people would never use a public toilet without one, while others will sit down without hesitation. The real questions is: “Do you really need to use a toilet seat cover?” Reasons Why You Should […]

Here’s Why Your Shower Water Isn’t Hot

Do you always let the shower run first so it can warm up to that perfect temperature you’ve come to know and love? Well, when you do this and nothing but freezing water dispenses, something is clearly wrong. To find out why your shower has no hot water, make sure you… Check All Faucets Start […]

5 Bad Habits That Can Start a House Fire

Stop! Drop! And quit those nasty homeowner habits! There are things you’re doing (and not doing) that will increase your home’s risk of catching fire. To keep your home (and family) protected from possible house fires, make sure you’re putting a stop to these bad habits: Falling Victim to Excess Lint – Dryer Lint is […]