Do Power Surges Hurt My Home?

Have you ever walked in the door from a day at work only to notice your microwave and oven clocks blinking “12:00” over and over again? There was probably a small outage or surge that caused this to happen. Unfortunately, these instances of power loss or surges can hurt your home.     How Power […]

How to Prep Your Home for Vacation

Are you going on vacation in the next few weeks (before summer is finally over and done with)? The last thing you want is to worry about your home while you’re gone, or worse — coming back to a home with an electrical, plumbing, or HVAC emergency. Before you head off to your dream vacation, […]

How to Beat the Humidity?

The high temperatures and heat from the summer sun can oftentimes become too much to handle. However, the real reason why many summer days become unbearable — the humidity. Rather than living in a home where the air feels like a wet blanket, utilize these tips to put an end to indoor humidity.     […]

How to Refresh Your Bathroom in Minutes

Are you looking to add a little bit of life to your bathroom, but don’t have the time? Rather than redesigning the entire room, there are smaller things you can do in mere minutes to improve its look. It’s the small things that create a BIG change!     Refillable Bottles of Decor Why use […]

5 Landscape Lighting Ideas to Try Out

Are you looking for interesting and glowing ways to add beauty to your home’s property? Adding landscape lighting can do just the trick as it will allow you to show off your landscape and home no matter the time of day. Rather than just adding a few sets of lights out front, try out some […]