The Top Ductless Cooling System Contractors in Lancaster

Ductless Cooling System | Air Conditioning Service Lancaster PA | York PAAir conditioning is an essential component to any building’s comfort. Whether it is your home or business, having a properly working AC is necessary. Most people have a forced air cooling system in their buildings. These are effective at producing enough climate control for an entire building, however they are inefficient in many ways. Relying on ducting is not always the most effective means of cooling as over time the ductwork can experience leaks, dust buildup and other inefficiencies. A popular alternative to these types of cooling systems are the Lancaster Ductless Cooling Systems. Ductless units have many advantages over forced air units. Chief among those advantages is that a ductless air conditioner has no ductwork. Aside from that, ductless systems are extremely lightweight and therefore easy and inexpensive to install. Ductless units are typically mounted high on the wall and have the power to control climate on a zone by zone basis. That means you install a ductless unit in each zone or room in your building. This gives you greater control over your energy expenditure as you will manipulate the level of cooling provided to each room. Unoccupied space, for example, will likely not have as much power allocated to cooling, saving you money. Beyond the practical benefits to zone control, ductless systems are also more efficient in operation. They provide a uniform cool utilizing much less energy than a forced air system. Overall, ductless air conditioners can provide you with more comfort, save you money and give you more power over your climate control.

At Lancaster Plumbing, Heating & Cooling we have proudly served the air conditioning needs of Lancaster since 1904. We have established a reputation for being HVAC experts and we stay ahead of the curve when it comes to emerging technologies. As such, and in response to a growing demand for energy efficient options, we have been a leading resource in the area for ductless systems. Our skilled team of technicians is factory trained to accurately and promptly install ductless “mini-split” units in your home or business. We only work with the finest manufacturers, so we have a wide selection of high quality mini-split systems to choose from. That is why we are the number one choice in Lancaster for ductless AC systems.


Our Lancaster Ductless Air Conditioning System Experts Provide the Following Services

  • Mini-Split Ductless AC Unit Installation
  • Ductless System Repair
  • System Retrofit for Ductless Units
  • Zone Control

If you are looking for a Lancaster Ductless Cooling Systems Contractor then please call 717-207-8198 or complete our online request form.