duct cleaningCould the air in your home be harmful to you and your family? According to the Environmental Protection Agency, levels of air pollution inside the homes can be 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor levels! Dirt and dust, dust mites, pet hair and dander and rodent feces are just a few things that can be inside your air ducts and circulating through your home in the air you breathe.

Do you know the last time your ducts were cleaned? If not, contact Lancaster Plumbing Heating & Cooling to perform a visual inspection.

Signs Your Ducts Need Cleaned:

  • If any permanent or long term water damage in duct-work
  • Mold, mildew, grime or microbial growth
  • Debris build-up on air vents that restricts air flow
  • Evidence of insect or rodent infestation

Lancaster Plumbing Heating & Cooling has invested in a state of the art video inspection and air duct cleaning system. We can show you deep inside your ducts and remove harmful contaminants that lie deep inside.

Watch this video to learn about the duct cleaning process.

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