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Easy Steps for Winterizing Your Exterior Faucets

The temperatures are finally starting to drop as winter fastly approaches. Not only are these cold temperatures sometimes unbearable, but they can do serious damage to your home’s plumbing. Before winter is in full effect, it’s best for everyone to winterize their exterior faucets. Step 1: Disconnect Accessories First things first, all hoses, splitters, and […]

How to Replace a Toilet

If history has taught you anything it’s that every royal throne eventually becomes overthrown. Sometimes a golden seat of power is not taken over, but it’s simply replaced just like the porcelain potty in your bathroom. Now it’s time to roll up your sleeves, pick up your tools, and grab ahold of that old toilet. […]

New Bathtub Questions to Ask

Remodeling your bathroom can breathe new life into your home as well as increasing the overall value of the house. One of the most replaced items in a bathroom is the bathtub, and rightfully so because this is the biggest fixture in the room. When you’re looking to replace your bathtub, ask yourself and your […]

How to Remove Hard Water Stains

  Take a peek inside of your shower, sink, and toilet for any mineral deposits, white spots, or colorful stains. If any of these are present then you have a hard water problem. Many areas across the country are subject to hard water, but there are ways to remove these stains from your home. Prevention […]

How to Fix a Whistling Water Heater

Appliances and fixtures will make noises during operation, but a high pitch whistling is not one of these normal noises. When your water heater tank is making this noise, a service is recommended. There are two common ways in which you can silence your whistling water heater. Flush It The main reason for a whining […]