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7 Ways to Cut your Energy Bill This Winter

Are you sick and tired of paying outlandishly high energy bills each and every winter? Make this winter the year that you finally put an end to overspending your hard earned money on heating your home. Fortunately, cutting your energy bills is easier than most think. Set & Forget – If your home has a […]

The Full Fall Maintenance Guide

Thank goodness for the fall season! These are the months where the temperatures aren’t too hot, nor too cold, and allow everyone enough time to prepare for winter. In order to prepare your home for the wintertime, make sure you complete these maintenance tasks. Service Heating System First, replace the furnace filter to allow for […]

4 Important Tips for Your Heating System

The temperatures are starting to drop and everyone is racing to their thermostats. As you turn on your heating system for the first time, there are some things you should know to help keep it running efficiently. Doors Wide Open – In order to save on heating costs some homeowners will choose to block off […]

Fall Maintenance for Your Gas Furnace

Fall is a wonderful season filled with many holidays, beautiful scenery, and comfortably cool weather (at least at first). It’s also the season where you should be preparing your home for winter and the cold weather that will surely arrive in no time at all. The first thing to cross off on your fall checklist […]

How to Replace Your Furnace Belt

The middle of winter is the worst time for your furnace to break down. Inside of that forced air furnace, lies an air blower and motor that uses a belt to help it operate. If this furnace belt breaks, say goodbye to your heat until it is replaced. Step 1: First things first, turn off […]