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Easy Ways to Brighten Up Your Dark Home

Not all home have shining beams of light pouring into each and every window. Some homes are positioned or built in a way where natural light isn’t as plentiful. Rather than having too many lamps in each room of your home, opt for these alternatives instead. Bounce the Lighting One of the simplest ways to […]

Safety Tips for Outdoor Holiday Decorations

Decorating your home for the holidays is an exciting time of the year to bond with your family. However, decorating the exterior of your home will need to be done a certain way to avoid creating any electrical and fire hazards. To safely decorate the outside of your home, utilize these tips. Inspect all cords […]

Why Each Room Needs a Ceiling Fan

The ceiling fan is the most underrated piece of equipment and decor in your home. Some homes have one or two, while others that have been recently remodeled or built don’t even have a single one. Not only should your home have ceiling fans, but each room should be equipped with one. Air Circulation Each […]

Understanding Your Home’s Electrical Panel

Being able to understand your home’s landscaping, HVAC system, plumbing, electrical system, etc. can be a difficult thing to master. While you don’t need to know everything, you should know about how your electrical system works. When learning about electrical systems, every homeowner should start at the electrical panel. What Is an Electrical Panel? This […]

What to Do During a Summer Power Outage

The summertime is filled with warm weather, outdoor activities, and lots of parties — but it’s also a prime time for power outages. When it gets too hot out, everyone in the city will be running their air conditioners, staying inside, and using other electronics and appliances. So when all of this usage overloads the […]