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How You’re Hurting Your Home’s Air Quality

Did you know the average American spends almost 90 percent of their day indoors? With so many people worried about the air quality of the environment, they should also focus on their home’s indoor air quality. There are many things that many people do that will negatively affect their own home’s air quality. Vacuuming Before […]

How to Keep Your Home’s Air Healthy

Your home should be a place where you are protected from the dangers that lurk outside. However, if your house has a low indoor air quality, then you’re standing in harm’s way. Rather than breathing in a poor air quality, look to improve it. Where Do Pollutants Come From? Unfortunately, pollutants and contaminants are plentiful […]

Why You Should Change Your Furnace Filter Often

Each time you clean you might notice that there is a significant amount of dust on the surfaces throughout your home. If your home has an increased amount of dust, your HVAC system may be to blame. Performing maintenance, such as replacing your furnace filter, will help with this and many other problems. What They […]

The Health Effects of Poor Indoor Air Quality

A lot people are unaware of the fact that indoor air can be worse for your health than outdoor air. Dust mites, inadequate ventilation and indoor air pollutants create the perfect conditions for poor indoor air quality. Below are some of the health effects of poor indoor air quality. Short Term Health Impacts Irritated eyes, […]