The Best Plumbing Services in Bowmansville

Plumbing Company in BowmansvilleNo one would argue that one of the distinguishing characteristics of modern society is running water. That places a great deal of importance on a building’s plumbing, which is why it is important for any home or business owner to have a reliable plumbing professional they can call when service is needed. In Bowmansville, for the most reliable, quickest and friendliest plumbing service, call Lancaster Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. We have proudly served the Bowmansville area with fantastic plumbing repairs and installations since 1904. We have established a reputation over the past century for plumbing expertise that we utilize to provide the fastest and most effective service you can find. Our technicians are professionally trained and experienced and always extend prompt and courteous service. That is why we are the number one choice for Bowmansville Plumbing Services.

At Lancaster Plumbing, Heating & Cooling we strive to offer the widest selection of plumbing services possible to Bowmansville residents. We offer plumbing installations of all types, to include fixtures, appliances and even piping. We also offer timely and effective repairs on all of your plumbing fixtures and water pipes. One of our most valuable services is our 24 hour emergency repairs. Since water damage can be extremely costly, when a water pipe or other plumbing disaster occurs, it is important that you can call a certified professional to fix it immediately. At Lancaster Plumbing, Heating & Cooling we have a plumbing technician on standby day and night and you will always receive the same prompt and courteous service no matter what time you call.


Bowmansville’s Number One Sewer & Drain Cleaning Experts

If you own a building at some point you will experience a drain clog. We’ve all been there. Whether it is our toddler who flushes his favorite toy or the sink simply backs up, you may need professional help. At Lancaster Plumbing, Heating & Cooling we offer effective and efficient drain cleaning for homes and businesses in Bowmansville. We have the tools and training necessary to handle all of your serious clogs that the plunger just couldn’t fix. To eliminate organic buildup (which is a natural occurrence over time) we utilize powerful yet safe compounds that eat away at the material leaving behind a clean and properly flowing drain. If the clog is the result of a foreign object, we also have tools that make it easy to remove your piping and extract the infiltrator. In either case, we are very capable to get your drains working again and fast.

If your sewer main becomes clogged or punctured, this could become a plumbing emergency. Your sewer main is the line that all other drains lead to, so if there is stoppage, you will experience multiple drain and fixture back up. The only way to remedy this is to have a qualified plumbing expert that can troubleshoot and excavate the line and fix it. Typically sewer main stoppage occurs as a result from infiltration of tree roots. At Lancaster Plumbing, Heating & Cooling we have high tech equipment that allows us to use cameras to find where the problem is and then we can excavate the offending pipe section and replace it.


HVAC Service Bowmansville Can Count On

Heating and cooling are essential components to any building’s comfort. The comfort system is of immeasurable value as it keeps your home or business cool in the summer and warm in the winter. When your heater or air conditioner malfunctions, this could result in many inconveniences that range from general discomfort to loss of business. When you need fast HVAC service, you need Lancaster Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. We have been keeping Bowmansville residents comfortable for over a hundred years. Our technicians are regularly factory trained so they are able to service any brand or type of heater or air conditioner. We always travel with a fully stocked work van so you can expect your service to be completed on the first trip in most cases. This minimizes inconvenience to you and gets you back to the comfort of a controlled climate as soon as possible. We also offer custom comfort system design, zone control and installations. We have a number of high quality, energy efficient heating and cooling equipment options that will keep your building comfortable for years to come.


What Bowmansville Homeowners Are Saying About Us

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“As a Realtor, I often use Lancaster Plumbing and Heating for all of my plumbing needs. I have called on them many times for relocation properties. When I take over a property, I take over the utility costs as well. It’s up to me to winterize them and to de-winterize them too. I call up Lancaster to drain all the water and to make sure the pipes won’t freeze and break. They always do a great job!I think what keeps me calling them back is their service. They are reliable, quick to respond and professional. Working in the service industry myself, something that never fails to drive me crazy is when people say “that’s not my job!” and end it there! I’m sure there are things I have asked them to do that technically wasn’t their job, but they have taken it upon themselves to do it anyway or they’ll find answers for me. To me, that’s really going above and beyond for their customers and I appreciate at that so much, because that’s how I work too.

| Rated: 3 / 3

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