Why Your Window Air Conditioner is Noisy

Do you currently have multiple window unit air conditioners in your home that are making a ton of noise? Unfortunately, these window units can become extremely noisy as they get older and are used more. The reason they get so noisy is because — well, there are actually a few reasons why… Unknown Debris – […]

How Under Cabinet Lighting is Installed

Are you interested in adding additional lighting to your kitchen? Under cabinet lighting is a great option as it allows you to better see the food you’re preparing, while even adding a slight ambiance when they’re the only lights on. To install under cabinet lighting, make sure you hit each one of these steps.   […]

5 Things Every Plumber Wants You to Know

At some point down the road, each and every person will need a plumber to repair a leak or service a fixture. However, there are people that end up calling the plumber dozens of times per year for repairs that could have been avoided altogether. Here are few things your plumber wants you to know […]

Should You Leave the AC on For Your Pets?

When you leave your house for the day, what temperature do you keep your thermostat on? For those with pets at home, this answer is crucial to their health and well-being. How high is too high? How low is too low? The right temperature matters when you’re a pet owner! Why Pets Need Air Conditioning […]

How to Keep Cool at a Summer Party

The highlight of most people’s summers are the parties they attend to see their friends and family. A majority of these gatherings occur at a person’s home, but many will take place outside in the backyard. In order to stay cool at your summer parties, make sure you provide your guests with these select things: […]