Lancaster Air Conditioning Services


Annual maintenance on your Air Conditioning equipment will ensure that your system is operating safely and per manufacturer specifications. Our technicians can perform a comprehensive check of your cooling system and complete our safety and operational check-list. We are so confident in our technician’s ability to complete a professional check of your system, that we will guarantee your system won’t break down this season. Simply invest in our $99 system check and any necessary repairs, and will will give you our, No-Worry, No Break Down Guarantee! 

AC Repairs

Air Conditioning Service Lancaster PA | AC Repairs | 717-207-8198When your AC breaks down and it is sweltering outside, you can rely Lancaster Plumbing Heating & Cooling to be responsive to your needs. Our AC Service Professionals will properly diagnose and provide options for your air conditioning repairs on the first visit.
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AC Replacement

Air Conditioning Service Lancaster PA | AC Installation | 717-207-8198

Unfortunately, your AC will not last a lifetime and will one day need to be replaced. When that happens, you need a wide selection of quality and energy efficient air conditioners to choose from, as well as a competent professional installation team to help you with your AC needs.
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Ductless Cooling Systems

Air Conditioning Service Lancaster PA | Ductless Cooling Systems | 717-207-8198

If you’ve ever wanted to control the climate of individual rooms or simply save money with a more energy efficient system, ductless units are the way to go. No ductwork in your home? No problem.
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Central Air Conditioners

Air Conditioning Service Lancaster PA | Central Air Conditioners | 717-207-8198

Central air conditioning systems are the most efficient way to cool your home. Our Service Professionals can repair, maintain and replace all central air conditioning units.
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De-Humidification Systems

Air Conditioning Service Lancaster PA | De-Humidification Systems | 717-207-8198

Humidity levels affect not just the health of your property but also your own. In high humidity, mold, mildew and allergy problems may arise. The solution is to control humidity with a whole-house dehumidifier.
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Humidification Systems

Air Conditioning Service Lancaster PA | Humidification Systems | 717-207-8198

In the cold months, humidity levels drop severely and this can cause a host of health problems. From sinus infections to asthma attacks, introducing a humidifier that brings moisture back into your dry air can solve all these problems.
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Indoor Air Quality

Air Conditioning Service Lancaster PA | Indoor Air Quality | 717-207-8198

The quality of air you breathe is a very important part of your health. By controlling the contamination and pollution levels indoors, you can take control over safeguarding your health.
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Activtek “Air Scrubber”

Air Conditioning Service Lancaster PA | Activek Air Scrubber | 717-207-8198

The most powerful indoor air quality device on the market. The Activtek is not a portable unit, but an HVAC extension that ensures permanent clean and pure air.
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